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079 Blue Gin – 50ml

- CHF6.00

Our Premium 079 Blue Gin stands for happiness and success.

In addition to Blue Pea Flower, Rose Geranium, Confetti Bush, and African Sage, we selected nine high-quality botanicals to give this gin its magic.

Our 079 Blue Gin is a complex and a slightly floral contemporary dry gin with fragrant herbal nuances and a gentle citrusy finish. The gin’s composition gives it a refreshing lightness, making it unbelievably soft on the palate.

The intense deep blue colour of this gin comes from the Blue Pea Flower.

This gin exudes a touch of enchantment: when mixed with a classic tonic, it immediately begins to change colour. Therefore, the Blue Gin brings along a dash of magic, a miracle that will surely amaze you too. Let yourself be surprised by the colour experience and flavour explosion.

Our 079 Blue Gin is a true magician.
The colour is natural and without artificial dyes!

All our labeled bottles are unique – not one looks like the other!

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We recommend mixing our 079 Blue Gin with all kinds of tonics. Because of its colour, it lends itself to many experiments.

A perfect companion are various fruits like fresh berries, pink peppercorns, rose petals or a slice of grapefruit, but also a slice of lemon with fresh rosemary, and much more.  Let your imagination run wild!

We advise storing our Blue Gin in a dark place. Exposing it to direct sunlight may cause the colour to fade.

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